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A warm welcome to Kristinehamn!

We are proud to present the gem Kristinehamn! Stroll along the charming street Trädgårdsgatan that dates back to to the 1600s and enjoy the waters of Lake Vänern. Dotted with thousands of islands and skerries, it is Europe´s largest freshwater archipelago. Here awaits adventure, to tempt both young and old, all year round. 

Climb aboard a ferry that takes you from the town centre to the archipelago. You can also try island-hopping, go on the historical vessel Christine af Bro or take the ferry to the nearby town Karlstad. If you are a more active visitor you can walk along the historical Iron Trail (Järnleden), with roots in the 15th century. 

Three popular family activities are the Pirate Trip to find Captain One Eye´s treasure, beating the water chute record at the Sannabate public baths and experiencing the thrill of a double go-cart at Värmland´s Go-cart Center.

There’s lots to choose from in the way of art and culture. Visit Pablo Picasso’s monumetal sculpture on the beuautiful shore of Lake Vänern, enjoy a century-old environment at Ölme General Store or the exhibition at the Kristinehamn Art Museum!

Discover a town that ties together history with present times; a place where famous people, such as Queen Christina, the poet Gustav Fröding and the artist Pablo Picasso, have made lasting impressions. 

Kristinehamn and Wermland is now closer then ever with the help of two hour flight with departure eleven times a week from Frankfurt Airport to Karlstad Airport. Purchase your tickets at bmiregional or their codeshare partners lufthansa and of course always at your travel agency.
Here you can find more information. A good thing to know when you arrive to the airport is that someone is picking you up. If you book that in advance it is possible. It is aprox. 45 min between the airport in Karlstad to Kristinehamn.