Boeier – Christine af Bro



The boeier Christine af Bro has become a reminder of the times when Kristinehamn was Lake Vänern’s most important seaport town. It was here that timber and iron ore were once shipped out into the world. The boeier was launched on 4th May 2002 after 8 years of work in the dock. This historical vessel, built in the traditional Dutch way, is a great experience for people of all ages who are interested in boats. From the deck you can admire the endlessly glittering Lake Vänern, and in the cabin you can enjoy a cup of coffee. If you go to Karlstad or take a charter trip you will eat off the vessel’s specially designed porcelain. From the deck you can admire the villas from the last century and the seemingly endless Lake Vänern. The stairs down to the cabin are fitted with a chair lift.

Information about Boeier

Vessel type: Boeier
Building materials: Oak, pine, larch, alm, spruce and more
Length: 21.71 meters
Width: 5.72 meters
kontakt bojortenMast height: 22 meters
Number of passengers: 55 persons
Crew: 2-5 male
Construction time: 1997-2005
Building site: Bojortvarvet, Kristinehamn

Timetable 2019