The manor Gustafsvik

Gustafsviks herrgård

News summer 2018

This summer has been very busy at the manor of Gustafsvik. Both a café and a kitchen garden has opened at the manor this summer. Welcome to a green and inspiring environment. In the menu to the left you can read about what is going on at the manor and also take part of the exciting history of this memorable venue.

After the main building of the mansion burned to the ground in 1967 there are two sidewings and the sheds left. The western wing was renovated in the 20th century and once again in 2016 by the TV personality Ernst Kirchsteiger. The eastern wing is under restoration right now. The Manor Gustafsvik in Kristinehamn is a popular to visit and several events has been arranged at the site; Smaka på Värmland (A Taste of Värmland), Christmas markets, ballet preformance and children outdoor teather,  (2018 Astrid Lindgrens Bröderna Lejonhjärta, The Brothers Lionhearts, among others). 

Nearby you will find lots of excursion goals. Why not take a field trip to lake Vänern, Österviks chapel, Animals Farm, Kristinehamn Museum of Art or a birdwatching tower along the nature path of Varnumsviken. You can go to Gustafsvik by car, bus, cycle or hike the Iron Trail from the city center.

Links to some of what's going on at Gustafsvik at the moment:

Gustafsvik's Mansion Café of Sockerslottet

Nissebo Trädgård

Travel to Gustafsvik:

Address: Hjälmarsnäsvägen 2, 681 95 Kristinehamn

By bus. Take the local bus number 60. You need to book this beforehand, call 0771-32 32 00 one hour before departure at the very latest.
You can also take the local bus number 62. This bus does not go all the way out to Gustafsvik, the last stop is at Strand which is located about 3,5 km from Gustafsvik. Then you will get a nice walk the rest of the way from Strand, where you will pass both the Animal's Farm and Östervik's Chapel on the way to Gustafsvik. 
You will find a map of all the local buses in Kristinehamn here.

By car. If you're going from the city center of Kristinehamn, drive towards the highway E18 Karlstad. In the last roundabout before the highway you take a left turn towards Marieberg Nord (then you should be at Strandvägen). Follow Strandvägen until you get to a T-junction and you will see the highway E18 on your right hand. Take a left turn here and follow the signs towards "Gustafsviks herrgård/ Ridskola" and you will arrive at The Manor Gustafsvik in a a minute.

If you're coming from the highway E18, follow the signs towards "Kroksvik", "Gustafsviks Industriområde" and "Österviks Chapel". Take the turn off the highway and now follow the signs "Gustafsviks herrgård/ Ridskola" and you will arrive at The Manor Gufstafsvik in a minute.