Sockerslottet summer café at The Manor Gustafsvik

Gunilla Wall

Gustafsvik's mansion café by Sockerslottet have opened "Gustafsviks Herrgårdscafé" (Gustafsvik's mansion café) in the western wing of Gustafsvik's mansion just outside of Kristinehamn. Gunilla Wall, winner of the TV-show "Det stora tårtslaget" (The Great Battle of Cakes) 2016, and her husband run the café and hotel "Sockerslottet" in the city center of Kristinehamn.

The Mansion Café is open during the summer and events and they serve coffee, ice cream, high quality pastries, sandwiches and lunch and cold bevrages.

Opening hours
The café has closed during the winter but make sure to pay them a visit in there café and shop Sockerlottet in the city center.

 Bakverk från SockerslottetErnst Gustafsviks herrgårdGustafsviks herrgård