Biking trail - to Gustafsvik

Take the bike the first part of The Iron Trail and go 7 km to Gustafsvik Manor from the city center. Cycle alongside Lake Vänern and pass by Marieberg and Östervik among other beautiful spots.
Take the bike and go on a nice trip from the city center to Gustafsvik Manor. Cycle the first part of The Iron Trail from Kristinehamn guest harbour to Gustafsvik.

The trail will lead you alongside Lake Vänern, through residential areas at first and when you get to Östervik the nature and green landscapes open up in front of you. Along the way you will pass by Marieberg where you will find Kristinehamn Museum. At Östervik you can go visit the animals such as pigs, goats and alpacas at The Animal's Farm (Östervik Stadsbondgård), or just stop for an ice cream at the café. Shortly after The Animal's Farm you get to the unique Östervik's Chapel with its fascinating history. The chapel is surrounded by a beautiful park and an old dairy factory. The factory building is now used as an art gallery of sculptures created by Erik Rafael-Rådberg. When you get to Gustafsvik you can visit the manor with its café located in one of the sidebuildings and/or shop vegetables, fresh herbs and plants in the kitchen garden (open in summer). Read more about The Manor Gustafsvik here:

The Iron Trail is a certified trail of Värmland that is well visited by hikers in summer time. The trail is 30 km in total and goes between Kristinehamn and Hytte but is adjusted for bicycle 7 km the part between Kristinehamn to Gustafsvik. This historical trail takes us partly on the exportation roads of the iron that was used as early as in the seventeenth century. It was the roads of the iron that forced on the formation of Krisitnehamn.
Download the map and read more about the Iron Trail here:
Opening hours
The Iron Trail is maintained between May- September. You can hike/bike the trail during other parts of the year as well but please be prepared that obstacles may occur.
Kristinehamns kommun, Fritid
Kungsgatan 30
681 84 Kristinehamn
Kristinehamns gästhamn
Hamnvägen 9
Municipality: Kristinehamn
Kristinehamn Gästhamn
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