The boeier - replica of a historical vessel

The boeier Christine af Bro is a replica of a historical vessel. Choose between a number of different trips all described below. A trip on this boat is an experience both for young and old.
During the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s vessels (known as "boeiers") gueued in Kristinehamn, waiting to be loaded with iron from the Bergslagen mining district. The boeier was launched on 4th May 2002 after 8 years of work in the dock. The historical vessel Christine af Bro was built according to Dutch tratition. A trip on a full-scale model of Kristinehamn´s coat of armsis a fun experience for all ages. From the deck you can admire the endlessly glittering Lake Vänern, and in the cabin you can enjoy a cup of coffee.
If you join the tour: Three course dinner or take a charter trip you will eat off the vessel’s specially designed porcelain.

The stairs down to the cabin are fitted with a chair lift.

Trips with the boeier Christine af Bro:
Pirate trip and treasure hunt:
Can you find Captain One Eye´s treasure? Go on a pirate trip in Lake Vänern´s archipelago together with Captain Rummy and the rest of the crew on board Christine af Bro. It is said there is treasure on the bottom of the lake of the mythical island of Saxholmen. That is what we are going to find. N.B. Loud canon shots.

Three course dinner:
Enjoy a meal served in candelight. Admire the sun as it sets over Lake Vänern.
Rederiaktiebolaget Bojorten
Hamnvägen 8
681 30 Kristinehamn
Hamnvägen 9
681 30 Kristinehamn
Municipality: Kristinehamn
Elsie Wellin
Bojorten Christine af Bro has the home harbor Gästhamn, Kristinehamn.
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