Greeks Handelsträdgård

Family business since 1947, growing flowers and vegetables. Also has meat animals and sells meat boxes. The farm is located in Väse, west of Kristinehamn in Värmland.
Three generations work on the farm and the products are sold in our farm shop, in the flower shop in Filipstad and in markets around Värmland.
During the season there are flowers, vegetables and often meat boxes from the farm's own claim animals. In addition, we sell home-made jams and juices as well as honey from the farm. All produced produces is certified according to KRAV's rules. We also have products from other local food producers. We also have a boat from Råglanda Gård in Molkom. The range follows the season and varies over time. The greenhouse is filled with flowers, soil, manure and seeds. In the yard there are also horses and cows to watch and maybe the family's dog runs past.

We participated in the TV4 program Sweden's most beautiful farms in 2014 and won week 1 in season 3.

We also have a small café with ice cream and ice cream.
Opening hours
Thu-Fri 12 am - 5 pm
Sat-Sun 12 am - 4 pm
Greeks Handelsträdgård
Göranstorp 610
660 57 Väse
Greeks Handelsträdgård
Göranstorp 610
660 57 Väse
Municipality: Kristinehamn
Är ett familjeföretag som sedan 1947 odlar blommor och grönsaker. Har även köttdjur och säljer köttlådor. Finns i Väse, väster om Kristinehamn i Värmland och allt vi producerar är certifierat enligt KRAVs regler.
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