Gudrun Olsson apiary

In the area Marieberg Kristinehamn is an apiary. There stands the bees among garden flowers and herbs, which is why the honey from there get a distinctive flavor.
The honey and all products can be made from it, such as marmalade with honey and mustard, are sold at markets and fairs. Besides the good honey, the wax used for different kinds of light, and from our biodlarvänner we buy eg shampoo and ointment, which we also sell.

Our products are primarily sold on the food market in the neighborhood Libra Kristinehamn (from September Restaurant Mastmagasinet).
The last Saturday of each month, it is usually food market.

Locally produced.
Gudrun Olssons Bigårdar
Kulturkvarteret Vågen
Södra Hamngatan 1
681 31 Kristinehamn
Municipality: Kristinehamn
Gun Karlsson
In the cultural quarter Vågen, in the courtyard.
The neighborhood is located behind Wahlundsgården in central Kristinehamn, next to Södra Torget.
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Locally produced