Hiking trails - Nötön-Åråsvikens nature reserve

Hike along an area with moraine formations, old oaks and a flora and fauna rich in species, Kristinehamn area. About 20 km of hiking trails that can be combined in various ways.
Since 1971 this area has been designated as a nature reserve. There are a total of 20 km of hiking trails that can be combined in various ways.

The nature reserve is situated west of Kilsviken, in the southeast part of Värmland. The area is characterised by a number of elongated, closely aligned moraine formations which were formed when the inland ice retreated 9500 years ago. The distance between the formations is between 100-200 m and illustrates the ice’s annual retreat northwards. The countryside within the reserve has a mosaic shaped character with natural prerequisites for flora and fauna that is rich in species. Birdlife is particularly noticeable.

Large parts of the mainland have previously been used in accordance with agricultural methods from the past. The land areas on western Nötön are still used for pasture and hay making. Large parts of the forest areas are covered with deciduous forest having a rich abundance of species, with thicket like characteristics. Visible evidence of early cultural influence can be seen through the presence of several juniper shrubs, forest meadows at various stages of overgrowth as well as massive old oak trees. You will find information and maps in the parking areas.

The nature reserve is divided up into three different parts; Linsön/Prästön, Nötön and Arskagen. The distance-footpaths cut through meadows, deciduous forests, thickets and restored pasture land. Arskagen also has a spruce forest. On Linsön and Eastern Nötön, there are tourist cottages. By choosing different combinations of footpaths, the length of the distance-footpaths on Linsön/Prästön can vary between 2.3 km and 5.5 km. The footpath on Nötön can also be varied from 3.8 km to 5.0 km whilst the footpath on Arskagen is 5 km long.
Vandringsleder - Nötön-Åråsvikens naturreservat
681 93 Kristinehamn
Municipality: Kristinehamn
Pernilla Andersson
Nature reserve with hiking.
From Kristinehamn's center drive Rv26 south. Turn towards Nybble and continue west. At Visnums-Kils Church, take the south to Prästön / Linsön (northern part of the reserve). To get to Nötön and Arskagen passes instead the church and turn south for about three kilometers. That road is locked with a roadblock period from 1 October to 31 March. However, the road across Linsön is open all year.
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