Today Kappahl are close to 400 stores and one of Kristinehamn's most important and one of the leading fashion chains in the Nordic region.
But one thing is alike. Insight and care for the customers. For Kappahl, fashion is about one thing - you as a customer. They have a wide range of women, men and children, and specifically target the woman in the middle of life and her family. All they do is about self-esteem through fashion and they want to help you find your style. No matter your age, size, shape and personality. At KappAhl they think everyone should be just the way they are. Therefore, they design the clothes that suits you and make you feel good. And they understand women because they themselves are women - over 90 percent of the staff working at KappAhl are women and take place at all levels of the company. Our fashion is available in many sizes and for all shapes. It is not you who will fit our clothes, the clothes will suit you.
We also choose to show our clothes on healthy models and we customize our mannequins in larger sizes than those commonly used in our industry.

Welcome to KappAhl.
(Did you know that the name KappAhl comes from founder Per-Olof Ahl? He got the nickname "Kapp-Ahl" when his car shop in Göteborg made a success in the 1950s.)
Opening hours
Mon-Fri 10 am - 6 pm
Sat 10 am - 3 pm
Kappahl Kristinehamn
Spelmansgatan 20
681 31 Kristinehamn
Kappahl Kristinehamn
Spelmansgatan 20
681 31 Kristinehamn
Municipality: Kristinehamn
En modebutik för kvinnor, män och barn där du som kund står i centrum.
Ligger mitt i Kristinehamn i anslutning till Vintergatan och parkering i södra änden av Kungsgatan shoppingstråk.
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