Lek & Luft (Play & Air)

A play area for children of all ages. You can jump, do sports and run in fun obstacel courses. If you want to make it a hole day of fun - combine it with the swimming pool with water slides etc.
Play & Air is a 6000 square foot playland with both play and sports for all ages.
Here you will find obstacle lanes, jumpers, slides and more. Try different sports like table tennis, football, floor ball and high jump (it varies whats types of sports there is from time to time). We have a separate corner for the smallest children (0-2 yrs) with smaller jumping castles and lots of fun toys.

Seating for 300 people. Bring your own snacks or shop at the café, we recommend the pancake buffet.

Take a look at the film about Kristinehamn Arena: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12-kayPGPhX-EaNAz8_pWkAaC8DSdvGTR/view?usp=sharing
Opening hours
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Kristinehamn Arena
Arenavägen 3
681 54 Kristinehamn
Kristinehamn arena - lek och luft
Arenavägen 3
681 54 Kristinehamn
Municipality: Kristinehamn
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Pricetype: Entrance children from 2 yrs
Price: 100 kr
Maximum 2 guardians / children
Pricetype: Entrance children 0-2 yrs
Price: 0 kr
Maximum 2 guardians / children
Pricetype: Children from 10 yrs without gardian
Price: 100 kr
Pricetype: Adult without children
Price: 100 kr
Pricetype: Senior 75-100 yrs
Price: 0 kr
No entrance fee and Kristinehamn Arena will offer you free coffee
Pricetype: Combine Play & Air + public bath
Price: 130 kr
Pricetype: Entrance card 10 times
Price: 750 kr