Paddle Tips in Kristinehamn archipelago.

Enjoy the sandy beaches and swimming spots, paddle around Vålösundet - Vålön / Kalvön / Sibberön - Vålösundet in Kristinehamn archipelago.
Canoe Iläggsplats: Vålösundet the Picasso sculpture or canoe association.
Total distance: 17 km counted from the canoe association and from the sculpture is slightly shorter.
Time: 1/2 - 1 day
Map: Archipelago Map of North Vänern or from the book Kayaking Tours Vänern page 113th
Difficulty: Moderate. In windy weather gets pass around Sibberön furthest out towards Vänern difficult. One can then genic, through one of the straits between islands.

This paddle you around the three islands and return to starting point. You sit in the kayak or canoe in Vålösundet, for example, next to the canoe association where there are parking or at the beach
below the Picasso sculpture.
You paddle through Ringbergssundet where the fairway runs or through the narrow passage south of the Tyskholmen. You will in the wide Hjälmarsfjorden, where you follow Vålöns westside. You crossing the strait between
Kalvön and Vålön. Depending on the water level you can genic here. Along Kalvöns beaches are several picnic areas. Sibberöns south pole is sensitive to bird life and you should avoid going ashore here.
Round the southern tip Karlstadholmen. At Lakviken on Sibberöns east side there are nice picnic areas, and is also suitable place for overnight. On Sibberöns north side you will find a cabin.
Along Vålön are several good places to dock at the country and to the north of the island, there are several popular beaches. From here you paddle then back to the starting point. A shorter option is that you paddle across directly, for example,
swimming on Vålön and then you can hike along the trail that connects the islands via footbridges.

More good paddling tips, see the book ''Kayaking Tours Vänerland'' by Olle Persson
Kristinehamns Turistbyrå
Södra Torget 3
681 84 Kristinehamn
681 93 Kristinehamn
Municipality: Kristinehamn
Kristinehamns turistbyrå
Lake Vänern, Sweden's largest lake. Here you can fish free.
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