Wermlands Brygghus

Wermlands Brewery carries the tradition further. In the past, beer was brewed in the farms around Värmland in its own brewery. Late 2013 brew a tasty and natural beer without hassle in Kristinehamn.
The beer is a proud tribute to Värmland. To the forests, the water, the iron and not least the people.
Their beer benefits from food and we make up for taste combinations of all kinds. Low alcohol variants you will find in Grocery stores from Malmö to Östersund and strong beer at shelter at Värmland's system companies and as order goods throughout the country.

They organize open and closed views in the brewery where you can learn more about brewing beer and to sample all varieties (do not forget to book your place). In addition, brewpubs is hold a couple of times a month where you get the chance to try the good beer during relaxing forms and no pre-ordering is necessary.

For you as a group or company, you can customize an activity that suits you, so do something really appreciated with your colleagues or customers!

Do you have anything special that happens like, for example. wedding, 50th birthday, anniversary, etc. then there is the possibility of getting your own tickets for beer or why not rent a beer stick for your party or event and be able to serve their beer in a really professional way.
Opening hours
See website for openinghours of Wermlands Brygghus and open views.
Wermlands brygghus
Dalavägen 23
681 30 Kristinehamn
Wermlands Brygghus
Dalavägen 23
681 30 Kristinehamn
Municipality: Kristinehamn
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