Ölme Prästgård Gästgiveri

Food that is prepared with great care and love on mostly local ingredients, in Ölme between Kristinehamn and Karlstad. Recommended by White Guide.
We serve a locally produced food experience as from breakfast in the morning to the afternoon "fika" with home-baked bread, lunch and dinner. Homemade from scratch with a lot of love, care and swedish ingredients. Welcome to Ölme Prästgård Gästgiveri to have lunch or dinner in an 18th century vicarage.

At our restaurant we follow the seasons of the year. We adjust our menu after the changings of the season and think it's important to preserve traditional swedish flavours as sweet, sour and salty. Our food is created with the touch of the future but has its roots in traditional swedish homely cooking. We try to show great respect for ingredients, origin and the handicraft that the food comes from.

In the winter you can enjoy Johan's home-cooked Christmas smorgasbord with traditional classics mixed with interesting innovations, made with mostly local ingredients.

You find Ölme Prästgård Gästgiveri along the European highway E18, between Kristinehamn and Karlstad.
Please book a table before arrival.
Opening hours
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Ölme Prästgård
Ölme Prästgård 1
681 94 Kristinehamn
Ölme Prästgård
Ölme Prästgård 1
681 94 Kristinehamn
Municipality: Kristinehamn
Från E18 ta avfart Träfors norrut. Följ sedan skylten. Avfarten ligger ca 1 mil väster om Kristinehamn och ca 3 mil öster om Karlstad.
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