The Iron Trail

The Iron Trail is a 30 km long unique hiking trail through beautiful countryside that is also of historical interest. The route of the iron forms the theme of this trail; parts of it are the same as those used in the early 17th century when iron was transported southwards from the Bergslagen mining district to the coast of the Lake Vänern and the town of Kristinehamn (or Bro as it was known before it received town rights in 1642). After that date, the iron was transported along the Sjöändsvägen route, which lay a little further east.
Kristinehamn was the centre of iron exports from the Bergslagen district for 100 years, from the middle of the 18th century and onwards. It was from the harbour of Kristinehamn that the iron was shipped out onto Lake Vänern on its way out into the world. The iron trade in the town was at its liveliest around the annual "Fastingsmarknad" market, which was held at the fasting time of Lent, just before the sailing season began. This was where the county’s mill owners met tradesmen from all over the world. Thanks to the great volumes involved, the agreements that were reached came to play a deciding role in the world market price of iron for a long time. The price setting was overseen by the Jernkontoret Ironmaster’s Association in the presence of the county governor and other people in authority.
The Iron Trail gives you the opportunity of hiking in the tracks of the iron, following its way down to Lake Vänern. The trail stretches between Bergsjötorp and the guest harbour in Kristinehamn. You walk through varied countryside past small lakes and ponds, across marshes, through woods and pastures and along an old country road. The surrounding woodland, which is mostly coniferous with some deciduous trees, is a mixture of old and new trees. On your journey you pass several historical sites and places of interest, such as two old iron mills and an Iron Age hill fort. You will catch a glimpse of a manorial estate with deep historical ancestry and will see the unique chapel of Östervik.
The trail is marked with orange colour and a quality marked trail by the standards of "Värmlandsled".
Transportation from Kristinehamn to the start at Hytte (bus stop Södra Nässundet):
- Your own car that can be parked at any of the parking lots.
- Taxi: Telephone: +46 (0)550-150 45