Kristinehamn´s landscape is varied: Lake Vänern archipelago with islands, forest lakes with streams, marshland, farmland, pastures and large coniferous and deciduous forests. Pack a picnic basket. Don´t forget "allemansrätten" (right of public access). You have a uniq opporturnity in Sweden to access but there's somethings you need to know. Read more about it here.
Sometimes it's very dry out in the nature read more about how you should do it in a safe way here.

The Irontrail

is 30 km long and goes through historical terrain between Hytte and Kristinehamn´s guest harbour. Taking you through varied countryside the trail passes small ponds and lakes, crosses marshland, woodland and fields, and joins up with a country lane. On your journey you pass several historic sites, encounter animals, birds, butterflies, deer and elk; in the autumn, you can pick all the berries and mushrooms you like.

Take a break and enjoy the geranium cake at Niklasdam´s café, or buy bread freshly baked in the wood fired stone oven at Nässundets Station.

Visnums-Kil´s Trails

Walk by Lake Vänern

The Arskag trail is classified as an official Värmland trail. The Nötö trail and the Prästö trail are soon of the samt high standard. The trails are cirka 5,5 km long and regardless which trail you choose you will enjoy tranquillity. You will also encounter beautiful nature and grazing animals, see eagles, rare woodpeckers and more.

The area is also known for its many oak trees, open meadows, proximity to Lake Vänern and is within the EU´s ecological network of protected areas, Natura 2000. Here there are also rest areas with picnic tables provided, fireplaces, dry toilets and information boards describing the diverse natural surroundings and culture.

The paths are clearly indicated and can be walked without a map. Just follow the signs and the trees/posts with orange markings.