The manor of Gustafsvik

The history of Gustafsviks manor

Gustafsvik's manor house has a great history with royalty, love stories and perhaps the most famous, the fire in 1967 that ended with the whole manor house burning down and leaving the wing buildings, the magazines and the garden alone.

The old manor park of Gustafsvik in Kristinehamn before the fire

1551 - 1871

Gustafsvik manor located in Kristinehamn was originally called Västervik, but received its present name after a visit by King Gustav III 1772....
Lieutenant-colonel Georg Adlersparre started a revolt against king Gustav IV Adolf in 1809. On his way from Karlstad to Stockholm with the army Adlersparre was invited to Gustafsvik by the owner C.A Linroth to Gustavsvik. During his visit Adlersparre (at that time 49 years old) fell in love with the 24 year old daughter, Lovisa Linroth. In the autumn of year 1809 they were married and became owners to Gustafsvik. In the year of 1819, their fourth son, Rudolf, was born. He later overtook Gustafsvik and was the one who organised a romantic english park and a graveyard for the family Adlersparre.
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The old manor park of Gustafsvik in Kristinehamn

1886 - 1967

Gustafsviks last days of glory was during the period when CG Platin owned the property. Platin was a wine merchant who bought the manor in the year of 1886. ...
The Manor Gustafsvik was renovated and got the look of a castle with three floors and over 20 rooms. The main building also got a clock tower and the sidebuildings got domes with spires on top. In the year of 1957 Kristinehamns Municipality acquired Gustafsvik from the last private owner Gyllenberg. On the Walpurgis Night 1967 the manor house burnt down to the ground. Even though the building was insured it was not rebuilt.
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The greenhouse at the old manor park of Gustafsvik

1967 - Now

After the fire, the two wing buildings, the magazines and the park area stood. Architectural camps were held here for two weeks each summer during the years 1994-2000 and the society for nature conservation performed a floral inventory in 1995....
In 2016, the western wing was renovated by Ernst Kirchsteiger in TV4's program Summer with Ernst and Christmas with Ernst. During the program, Ernst also built a greenhouse. During 2018-2019 the east wing was also renovated to imitate the western wing. In 2018, Nissebo Trädgård opened up gardening activities at Gustafsvik and the garden has been transformed into true Gustafsviks spirit.
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