Järnleden (Iron Trail) is an easy way of getting out and discovering the countryside and cultural environment of the eastern part of the county of Värmland.

Please keep in mind that the trail is mostly on privately owned land that the owners have made it accessible voluntarily. This makes it all the more important that you, as a walker, observe the regulations as laid down by the law Allemansrätten, The Right of Public Access.

The main rule is: Do not disturb – Do not destroy.

For information about fire, and if they are forbidden or not, call +46 54 15 50 66 (answering machine).

The trail is well marked and can be hiked without a map. The trail takes you through varied terrain of gravel paths, clear-cut areas, deep forests and along streams and mosses. Be observant of the markings at crossroads. Certain periods of the year some parts between Älvängen and Älvbron can be wet. In those cases you can choose a gravel road as an alternative path. Along the trail you'll find signs with information in English. Always follow the markings. Outdoor toilets without water can be found at Fornborgen and Ljustjärn.

Elk hunting season

The elk hunting season begins on the second Monday in October and is at its most intensive during the first week.

Other information

The walking trail is meant for hikers but there are several stables in the area from which riding trips can be arranged. As a hiker we ask you to respect oncoming horses and their riders. Motor vehicles are not allowed out in the terrain.


Along the trail there are several picnic areas, some WCs and a few outdoor toilets without water. There is also a windshelter and barbecue areas. Parking can be found at the starting points and some other locations that can be reached by cars.

There are no dustbins along the trail. Hikers are responsible for their own rubbish and are required to carry it to the nearest available dustbin outside the trail. In the harbour you can dispose of glass, paper, plastic, etc. We hope you will help us keep the trail clean!


For those hikers who want to divide the Iron Trail in two stages can Ölme Icelandic Horses, offering accommodation in a fantastic environment, with their own Icelandic Heitur Pottur (Warm Pool 38-42 degrees).
Shower and toilet adjacent to the cottage.
We can also fix the shuttle and return to Niklas dust. Package price.   Phone 070-644 64 74 or email: info@olmeislandshastar.se

Food and coffee

Along the trail are some cafées. This is a list from north to south.

Niklasdams trädgård, garden shop, café and geranium museum


- April: Wednesday-Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-14

- 30 April and May-August: daily

Christinehamns ridklubb at the area of Gustafsviks Manor, café


- during competitions and on weekdays in the evening while classes are held

Stadsbondgården vid Östervik, farm with animals and café 


- All year except national holidays: Monday-Thursday 10-15, Friday 10-13

Kafferian at the artmuseum of Kristinehamn, lunch and café


- daily all year roung (except Christmas, New Year and Midsummer) Monday-Saturday 10-16, Sunday 11-16


You can rent a backpack with coffee or lunch at Niklasdams Trädgård. Pick it up at one place and leave it at another. Book the packages by calling 0550-540 30 (Nässundet) or 0550-550 12 (Niklasdam).

- Lunch package 125 SEK/person: 1/2 a litre coffe/tea in a thermos, sandwich, mineralwater, juice, fruit and cake.

- Coffee package 75 SEK/pers: 1/2 a litre coffee/tea in a thermos, cinnamon bun, mineralwater, fruit and cake. 

A deposit of 250 SEK per backpack is mandatory (one packpack holds food for 2 people). The deposit is given back upon return of the backpack, either at Niklasdams Trädgård 


Hytte - Kristinehamn harbour: 30 km

Bergsjötorp/Sjöändan - Kristinehamn harbour: 25 km

Hytte - Bergsjötorp: 5 km

Bergsjötorp - Niklasdamm: 5 km

Niklasdamm - Älvbron: 4 km

Älvbron - Gustafsvik: 9 km

Gustafsvik - Kristinehamn harbour: 7 km

Type of hiking: The iron trail is classified as easy to medium hiking. The main part of the trail is a nature path, but closer to Kristinehamn there's a few kilometers that follow a gravel- and asphalt bicycle track. Bridges have been build to facilitate easier hiking in some areas. At a few places there are hills to climb.


Transportation from Kristinehamn to the start at Hytte (bus stop Södra Nässundet) or Sjöändan:

- Your own car that can be parked at any of the parking lots.

- Bus 400, Värmlandstrafik

- Train, daily in July Tågab (Inlandsbanan)

- Taxi: Telephone: +46-0550-15045