Nature and animal life

The countryside and animal life by the Iron Trail

The countryside along the Järnleden Iron Trail is varied, with pretty beaches, beautiful lakes and meres, woods, vantage points and cultivated land. The woods you walk through are usually coniferous (pine and spruce) with some deciduous trees, such as birch and aspen. The ground is covered with mosses, lichens and brushwood such as bilberry, lingonberry and heather. The journey takes you through both old forests and new.

Just south of Bråne the Järnleden Iron Trail turns down towards the Varnan watercourse and follows it for a short while. The Varnan flows from Niklasdamm in the north, where the two streams Niklasdammälven and Flottmossälven meet. Along and around Varnan there are lovely leafy forest glades, waterside woods and ravines. Varnan is also a reproductions site for trout. From Niklasdamm down to the town of Kristinehamn the watercourse changes character from a fast-flowing stream to a calm river. Beaver and goldeneye birds are examples of wildlife that can be seen in and around the watercourse. The rich flora includes plants such as ostrich fern, marsh stitchwort and large bitter-cress. There is a good chance that you will catch sight of wild animals, such as elk and deer, along the Järnleden Iron Trail. Several species of birds can be heard and seen along the way, such as black woodpecker, green woodpecker, chaffinch and redwing thrush.