Island hopping

island in lake Vänern

Discover a beautiful and unspoiled environment surrounded by water so clear and clean you can drink it straight from the lake. Take a tourboat to an island in the archipelago of Kristinehamn. New destinations include the myth enshrouded islands of Saxholmen and Kalvön. Hop off at one island and then continue your trip to the next island. It's never been so easy to discover Lake Vänern - we look forward to seeing you on the waters of Vänern.

Picasso sculpture and the boat Bojorten

m/f Vålön - Stöten

The boat makes several stops on the way out to one of Lake Vänern’s finest beaches: Sandvikarna on Vålön island
You can go by tourboat Stöten, from Kristinehamn Gästhamn (harbour) to Vålösundsbryggan and have a coffee / lunch in Skärgården. Then you can go to Vålön for sun, bath or just take a lovely walk and then hop on the tourboat back home to Vålösundsbryggan and Kristinehamn Gästhamn.

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Step on to a tourboat

Picasso sculpture and the boat Stöten

that takes you out on Lake Vänern and aim for an island. Dip your feet in the water, explore, bathe, pitch a tent and have a barbeque: you’ll have fun, whatever your age. Discover the beautiful environment surrounded by clean, clear water that is drinkable straight from the lake. You can also take the boatbus to Karlstad, to go shopping, visit museums and have fun. The train, bus and boatbus all bring you back to Kristinehamn. Or get off at the stop on Hammarö, and take a walk around Lövnäs, a pretty area of cultural interest, and then take the boatbus back. We can recommend the boatbus whatever the weather: if it’s fine then you can visit the small islands, where you can swim and walk or, if it’s raining, you can explore the town.

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The boeier Christine af Bro

It was these ships that iron was transported over Lake Vänern to Gothenburg for onward transportation abroad. The ship is well worth enjoying.