Naturreservatet Nötön-Åråsviken

The Nötön-Åråsviken Nature Reserve is a patchwork of many different natural habitats. Here there are grazing pastures with large oak trees, deciduous forests, coastal meadows, vast reedbeds and open water. The extensive variation means the area is a suitable habitat for a great diversity of flora and fauna.

The landscape of the reserve was formed around 10,000 years ago when the inland ice melted. Stone and gravel, that was frozen in the ice, was released and gathered in hundreds of ridges/dykes known as moraines. Moraines appear as elongated, many hundred-meter long and several-meter high ridges in the landscape. They are clearly seen if you look at a map of the archipelago. The type of moraine found here are called De Geer moraines, with the nick-name washboard moraines.

The reserve has three different entrances with parking - Linsön, Nötön and Arskagen. Walking trails, which are all about 5.5 km long, start from these entrances. There are also several picnic areas and rest cabins. 

Large parts of Linsön were previously arable, but now the land is kept open by animal grazing. Here you can clearly see the tree-covered moraines which lie in strips between the open landscapes. In the west lies Prästön with its deciduous forests surrounded by reed beds. The great oaks and aspens are home to teeming insect life. Long after the tree dies there is life in the dead wood as it provides home for beetles, lichens and mosses.

At Västra Nötön you are met by a very ancient landscape. Open farmland surrounded by grazing pastures with old spreading oak trees. If you continue eastward, you come to Österön. Lush leafy groves of oak, linden and hazel are exciting environments with a whole different flora and fauna to the open landscape. Here you can find woodland plants such as Baneberry, Coralroot Bittercress and Solomon’s Seal.

Arskagen offers open pastures surrounded by forest and here and there stand venerable oak trees as a reminder of past times. Arskagen is at its most beautiful on a sunny spring day. Wood anemones bloom and birds such as wood warblers offer up a chirping spring song. If you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of the rather rare lesser spotted woodpecker.

Åråsviken is a labyrinth of moraines, reedbeds and open water. Here the osprey, beaver and bittern reign. From the reeds the rhythmic chatter of reed warblers is heard. You might catch a glimpse of the white tailed eagle gliding silently over the water.

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