Vålösundet i Kristinehamn

The beautiful seaside walkway

Explore the beautiful seaside walkway along the inlet of Vålösundet

You can walk, cycle or jog along the inlet all year round. The board walk always provides a wonderful experience. Quaint old houses, glittering water, boats of all kinds, birds or skaters – there’s always something to catch your eye, depending on season.

A stop at the Picasso sculpture is a must. Make sure you walk all the way to the triangle sign to see the sculpture from its best angle. Continue to Fyrudden for an unrivalled view of the lake and the horizon.

During summer you can also take a trip along the inlet on one of the tour boats, or the old sailing ship Bojorten, or paddle a kayak along the shores. In winter the water freeze but we strongly advise against walking on the ice since the inlet is kept open for commercial traffic all year round. 

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Have a look at the map over the seaside walkway

Have a look at the map over Strandudden/Fyrudden

Take bus 65 with Värmlandstrafik to Strandudden

Fyrudden är ett härligt besöksmål i Kristinehamn
Photo credit: Fyrudden med härlig Vänervy i Kristinehamn
Fyrudden är ett härligt besöksmål i Kristinehamn