Bråten utanför Kristinehamn


We have our cottage in Bråten which is about 2.5 km from Kristinehamn and we are there as often as possible.

The cottage is an old red log cabin and I always say that it is my place on earth, or my paradise on earth. It does not matter if it is November and it rains, the cottage in Bråten is a favorite place.

Next to the cottage is Lake Vänern and we usually walk around the headland where the cottage is located and enjoy the water. We also have a small rowing boat at a dock, located some distance from the cottage, which is where the picture was taken.

For me, Kristinehamn is summer and relaxation as we have the summer cottage here. It is always wonderful to go to Kristinehamn.

Therese Kastel, Forshaga