Revsand i Kristinehamn


There are many cozy places in Kristinehamn but my absolute paradise is Revsand, which is located just over a mile south of the city along lake Vänerns coast.

My grandfather lived in Hult as a child and my family has had a summer cottage here since the early 1940s. Right next to our cottage is Revsand's cozy campsite with rental cottages and lakeside places for tents, caravans and motorhomes. For those who like to swim and sunbathe, Revsand is perfect with its wide, shallow sandy beach.

For me, Revsand means relaxation and rest. No musts. The view of Lake Vänern, which opens outside, is fantastic. Maybe the hedgehog comes and walks past on the evening twig, sometimes you find chanterelles on the evening walk. Here we swim, barbecue and relax all summer. In the winter, when the ice is safe, we go out and grill sausages and take a walk in the bay.

Best of all is that the weather is often better in Revsand than in Kristinehamn. Yes, that's actually true! It is often sunny here even though it is raining inside the city. On the first day of work after a rare rainy summer, my tanned father was once asked by his co-workers where he had been during the holidays. When he told me that he had been in the cottage in Revsand all summer, no one believed him. They thought he had been to the Mediterranean. This picture was taken at our cabin next to Revsand's camping one evening in July, just such a day when it was raining inside the town while the sun was looking ahead in Revsand.

Marie Angle, Karlskoga